Google Chrome: The review

Google has a new browser called Chrome, and I thought I should review it. (since it’s spreading like wildfire)


(notice I use Windows Classic, so on Aero, it would have the Aero frame)

The UI is dead simple, and somewhat similar to IE7. A clean blue is the predominate colour in Chrome. (you can change it here or here)


It passes Acid2.


It has the I’m feeling lucky, Google (or the search engine of your choice) Search, Search this site, and more in the Omnibox.


The task manager in Chrome lets you kill threads, such as Chrome itself, tabs, and plug-ins.


Incognito mode, with the little sheriff, is akin to InPrivate in IE, and private browsing in Safari. (it lets you browse without the history and cache)


A maximized window.


The inspector came straight outta’ Safari.


The options dialog.


Even though it’s a Google browser, you don’t have use Google Search (already mentioned,  but this is image proof)


The find dialog to the top right.


The minimalist status bubble in the right is a fading, compact status bar to the bottom left.


Google Gears websites get Prism like windows which are spawn from shortcuts generated from this dialog.


The download dialog. History gets a similar one to. You can also access bookmarks from Ctrl+B. (not shown)


Dragging tabs out and in tabs.


Webapps running from the new shortcut dialog.

image image

Chrome on Aero. (also shown is incognito on Aero)


And finally, the about dialog.

But, the question is, should you use it?

If you’re sick of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other browsers, try it. You might like it.

4 out of 5 Stars. (****)

NOTE: If you have any problems, please check Matt’s comment.


2 Responses to Google Chrome: The review

  1. Matt says:

    Before trying it out, you may want to see the growing list of Google Chrome issues.

  2. thealphanerd says:

    @Matt: Good idea. But I’m experiencing none.

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