Postbox – a review

No, the desktop email client is not dead yet. In fact, it’s more alive than ever. But most don’t impress me. That is, Postbox has finally.delivered. (pun intended)


  • Customizable UI (as shown in screenshot)
  • Flexible search
  • Nice object search (attachments, images, link, contacts)
  • Tabbed
  • GTD integrated
  • Thunderbird based


  • Ugly in Windows Classic (yellow toolbars)
  • Buggy UI (e.g.: double-click results in a blank tab)
  • No junk folder (though junk removal is supported)
  • No easy setup of Hotmail (had to do manual POP3 setup)
  • Crashy newsgroups
  • No extensions or themes
  • Lack of “see only read mode”

What? I like it. The pros outwiegh the con, in mass. If you’re still using outlook express, ditch and switch. 4 out 5.



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