Creating a tiny GNOME enviroment in Ubuntu

Note to Debian users: you may have to replace the thunderbird and sunbird apps with the Debian versions.

If you like GNOME, but also want a tiny, fast, and functional enviroment, this guide is for you! Just install Ubuntu alternate (or any Debian-based textmode Linux) and run after installation:
sudo aptitude install xorg menu gnome-core gdm gcalctool gnome-utils epiphany epiphany-extensions eog evince gimp abiword gnumeric thunderbird sunbird synaptic alacarte totem rhythmbox gnome-games gtk2-engines

This should give you a light-weight, yet working desktop.

The some of the apps are:

  • Epiphany browser
  • Thunderbird E-mail
  • Sunbird calendar
  • GIMP image editor
  • Eye of Gnome image viewer
  • Evince PDF reader
  • gedit text editor
  • gcalctool calculator
  • Nautilus file manager
  • Totem and Rhythmbox media players
  • AbiWord word processor
  • Gnumeric spreadsheet
  • and the GNOME games

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